Slumber party ideas

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Sleepover Party

cookie Face

This is a great game to kick off the party because all of the players can compete at the same time (or you can break it down into several rounds of game play). Each player places a cookie on their forehead, and the goal is to get the cookie into your mouth using only your facial muscles in under 1 minute. No hands! This is tougher than it looks!

Chocolate Chips Cookie

Scoop it up

Using nothing but a spoon in your mouth, transfer six ping pong balls from one bowl to another in less than one minute. No hands! Hands are only allowed if you drop the ping pong ball, and then they can be used to place the ball back into the original bowl for another transfer attempt. 2-3 players compete for each round of play.

Colorful Balls

wink murder

First select your detective, take the detective out of the room and select your murderer. Get everyone walking around the room and bring the detective back in. If the murderer winks at you you have to wait 5 seconds and collapse 'dead'. the object of the game is for the detective to catch the murderer before they 'kill' everyone!

Magnifying Glass

blindfold Makeover

Get some basic make-up items like eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipstick, foundation, etc., and place in the center. Blind fold one player and they then apply make up to the next player, continue the chain until everyone has been made over.​ Once everyone is done applying make-up and receiving it, the blindfolds can be taken off. 

Take loads of pictures to remember the moment!


Balloon Timeline

Keep your little guests very excited to learn what the next activity is with the popping of the balloons! This activity is highly recommended as it’s fun for the guests and it makes Mum or Dad’s job much easier in keeping the party ticking along with activities. Click the image for a time line guide.

Sleepover party balloons

Suck it up

Players place a straw in their mouth and use suction to transfer a pile of 25 M&M’s (or smarties) from one plate to another in under one minute. Only one hand may be used to hold the straw. Everyone gets to eat their candy when the round is finished!  This game also works well with 3 players competing in each round.

Candy from the Jar

junk in the trunk

To prepare for this game, empty a tissue box, and use a knife to make two slits into the bottom of the box. Thread an adjustable belt or wide ribbon through the two slits to create a tissue-box-on-a-belt. Removing the thin plastic barrier from the tissue box opening will make game play easier (for younger children) or keep it intact for more challenging play.  To play the game, strap the tissue box onto the player’s back, and fill it with 6-8 ping pong balls (we used 6, but 8 would be appropriate for older children and adults). Shake, shimmy, jump, and dance around until all of the balls have fallen out of the tissue box. No using your hands and no laying down! This game is hysterical to watch in action!

Young Fun

Defy gravity

Using only one hand, players must keep two balloons from touching the ground for one minute. For a more challenging game, increase the amount to three balloons per player (and use different coloured balloons for each player to make it easy to differentiate!). No holding the balloons!  2 players per round of competition worked well to give the players ample space to knock their balloons around.

The player with the most points at the end of all games wins a prize.